Eleanor Louise West is a interdisciplinary artist who uses a range of mediums to explore her own experiences as a queer person. Her work explores identity as a queer woman, and what it means to make sense of queer experiences, especially the process of coming out. Her work aims to bring a positive representation to queer people that will serve as a tool for finding strength within themselves. Queer people suffer enough uncertainty surrounding their identity and especially coming to terms with their own queerness, West’s work attempts to comfort and validate experiences that address the anxieties of coming out.

With a focus on fibre art and print making and its relation to photographic processes, Eleanor Louise West uses quilting and embroidery to illustrate the emotions around queer experience. She also uses photography and print making making in her work to prove representations and authorship over the femme image.

She was born in Portsmouth; she now lives and works in London.

She graduated BA (HONS) Photography at Camberwell College of Arts in 2019. She is currently the Activities Officer, representing students at Arts Students' Union. 

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